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At a young age I began my travel life throughout the United States, and today I have been to over half of the states and 21 countries on 6 continents. Someday I hope to have visited all world wonders. More than just the “seven”, because there are actually many World Wonder lists that equal a total over 60 wonders all over the world. At this point, I’ve seen a total of 13.

I was born and raised outside of Chicago with my mom. I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in theatre. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 2 years and in Colorado for 2 years. I am a sucker for art museums and I have a weakness for any peanut sauce.

I currently reside in Lincoln Park in Chicago.

My goal for my blog is to enlighten others to the world of travel with

Hakuba Skiing
Skiing in Hakuba, Japan with my favorite guy

my stories of past adventures and to guide those who have the passion and drive, but not the “know how” for future travels. I want to tell other peoples’ stories, and also to become a reference for others. Perhaps through this blog I will figure out where I’m supposed to go as well.

Since starting this blog, I have taken on two projects that I am excited about. The first is that I have become a volunteer researcher for the organization The Ethical Volunteer. This is a group that motivates and guides people who would like to volunteer, but to

Malawi Volunteer Trip
Malawi Volunteer Trip

be able to do it independently and to support local profit. It is a way to raise awareness of the big time holiday companies that take advantage of the money that volunteers are wanting to put towards helping those less fortunate. Volunteering has become an industry in it’s own (“Voluntourism”) and has begun to have a negative connotation connected to it.

The other project that I am still starting up is the iWander Guidebook. It is a guidebook that is specifically altered to your personality and likes and dislikes. It is a travel itinerary for a trip you

Sightseeing in Paris
Sightseeing in Paris

are currently planning that includes: historical sites/information, museums (times and locations), maps, train schedules, cultural etiquette, fun attractions, beaches, recreational activities, and more. Check it out at iWander Guidebook by Shannon.

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