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Spontaneous VS Selfish

“I thought you said you wanted to go,” Wayne claims as we are speeding away on I-80 in his blue truck.

Of course I want to go on a spontaneous trip to New York. What kind of accusation is that? That I would say no to such a random adventure? Who in their right mind would possibly think of going to New York for the weekend as a terrible trip? Hopefully no one. So yes. I do WANT to go to New York. But there is always that tiny voice in your head that questions it.

As I stand on the beach of Long Island and watch the waves crash onto the shore, salty air whirling my hair around, and water rushing to drown my feet into the sand, the same question circles through my head again. Is it right to drop everything and drive to New York? At this exact moment a wave comes and crashes hard into the sand and drenches my dress in cool ocean water, making me laugh and squeal at the surprise of it. The question drifts away with the wind. I sit there and watch the ocean birds and seagulls gliding through the air, diving down to get whatever small crab or insect they could devour for a snack. It was a perfect day. We went to a food truck near the restrooms and got a hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard (and ketchup) and a couple of drinks. It’s hot. But it doesn’t really faze either of us. We feel so relaxed and good about ourselves. Who is to say we are wrong?

Well actually plenty of people are to say that. While the younger crowd friends of ours say “so cool” everyone else seems to think of it as a bad idea or irresponsible. When I went on my around the world trip to Australia, Asia and England I was told that I was being selfish. When I read books about people who do the same, they are told the same thing. Why? Isn’t it selfish to call me selfish when in fact perhaps you were wishing you could do the same? Is it irresponsible to spend a couple extra hundred dollars to save our sanity and put our minds at ease for a weekend? Isn’t it all worth it? I think so.

We only have so much time to live the way that we are living now. And then even after more responsibility comes, and more bills and harder jobs, we still will need to cater to our sanity. It is only fair. My mom used to tell me “as long as you are safe and happy that’s all I care about.” Isn’t that all anyone should care about? While I was on that beautiful beach in Long Island, I was so happy that not a care in the world could’ve entered my mind and made me feel that I was wrong. I was with Wayne, who keeps me safe and vice versa. Safe and happy.

Often times while traveling I am told that Americans live to work and not work to live. This is true. A lot of what our American society and the American dream is based on is the work that we do. You may be working very hard and achieving some really great things but are you happy? Shouldn’t we all ask ourselves this every once in a while?

While we probably could’ve saved the extra couple hundred dollars that we spent going to Long Island New York, nothing could have replaced the way that I felt after. I realized how much I love that Wayne is in my life. How much I love sharing adventures with him. How much I want him there to experience everything with me. Why we are the way that we are and how I wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world. To walk along the shore with him while he points out seashells that he loves and I pick up the ones that I love. To walk through the streets of Manhattan and have him find a random wilted rose and pick it up to give it to me as a grand gesture. To laugh together in a random kosher deli at the stereotypical Jewish old folks who would come in. To just be completely yourself with another person who you share everything with. It gives the mind a moment to rest and to truly be grateful for what you have. Everyone deserves a spontaneous trip to New York. Heck! We all deserve a trip to Greece, Barcelona, Rio….just to relieve ourselves of the worries that we carry and appreciate the life that we have!

I may be then selfish….or irresponsible….but then I am Irresponsibly Healthy as well.