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Can Family Travel Be Done?

“I don’t want to go to bed! Then I’m moving to Ethiopia!”

Television can be a very special thing. These words were uttered by my man’s beautiful 4 year old daughter. She watches a worldly television show after school. Yep. Ethiopia. Seems a little extreme in order to not go to bed, but you know I can’t help but smile with

Apple Holler Day, Sturtevant WI
Petting goats at the Pumpkin Patch at Apple Holler Wisconsin

pride. How cool is it that this four year old, who has never left Illinois, already have a travel appreciation. So proud. By the time I was her age I had taken a road trip on Route 66 across the United States, and I don’t believe I had that same mentality.

I am a planner. Hopelessly so. I went around the world in 2011, but had every hostel, every couch surfer, every train schedule already planned out in my little folder. Perhaps this seems like I was not taking the opportunity to be spontaneous, but in all honesty it

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Chicago
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Cadillac Theatre Chicago

helped me to be more spontaneous. I knew my timing and what would be the best way to go to optimize my time in each place. This could also be helpful if traveling with children. So that is a plus.

I hate the idea of giving up travel in order to have a family. I am baby crazy right now, and would love to be a mom as my next adventure. My partner in crime of nearly 4 years has two incredible daughters. I never knew two people could be so alike and so different at the exact same time like them. One wants to move to Minnesota because she is always so hot and Minnesota has a colder climate. The other wants to go to China. Not sure how or why that came up, but I can’t help but love it! I signed them up with “Little Passports” in order to continue their curiosity of the world. They don’t live with us, but they are still our family. I would love

Lake Geneva
Takin some boat rides in Lake Geneva

more than anything to bring the 4 year old to Ethiopia someday! I want them to experience the world and the people in it to better understand the magnitude of their possibilities in life. I want family travel for my own future child someday too.

The idea of family travel is near impossible in our world today. It is constantly stated that one must choose between the two. Do I? I want them to be included in this lifestyle and I also don’t want to lose this life for myself. Why is it so foreign to think of travel with young ones? Money plays into it. Time does. But how wonderful to make the connection in your child’s head with the education  from books in school as well as the education of the real world. Perhaps my super skill of planning will help us to find the time and money necessary for our children.

Have you heard of families traveling together who are not super wealthy?

My people
My people

Bummed up Day

Yesterday I was injured. I was mad all day about not being good enough and I went on to a really easy hill and was just stopping to look at Wayne when I fell and tore my right knee. It was stupid and I had a bad attitude the entire day about my frustration and that ended my entire ski trip altogether. imageMy beautiful trip to Alps has been completely ruined. All the preparation over the past year…gone.
I thought that I could use my time today to take a day trip out to see snow monkeys and a Buddhist temple but they weren’t available and going on my own would require a lot of walking. So I am relaxing today and trying my best to get better. I iced and soaked. I went to visit the hotel onsen and it was closed, I got hungry and went to venture out to find some food but everything was closed. So I filled our deep hotel bathtub with hot water and

Getting ready for what I think is time in the hotel onsen...
Getting ready for what I think is time in the hotel onsen…

climbed in and ate two of the granola bars I had packed from the States.

Of course I am really frustrated that none of this is working out, but perhaps everything is for a reason. A great lesson I’ve learned from my travels is that you have to roll with what you are given and ALWAYS pack snacks. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat them, just bring them anyway. Who knows what may happen? Like a bum knee in a mountain town where everything shuts down mid day…
That, and I’ve also learned that no matter what, it will help you more to take the time to fix your ailments. When I went to Amsterdam with Elise, I was very sick. Like pasty white peaked skin, circles under eyes, and dizzier than you could imagine. This is how I was when I arrived to Amsterdam. We tried to do something fun that night when we got there but the next morning I thought I might die and stayed in bed all day while Elise went out. It sucked but by the end of the day I had ridden it out. You will only ruin another day and harm yourself more if you do not take care of yourself when you can. Safe travels!

Taking Off

Wayne brushing up on Japanese
Wayne brushing up on Japanese

Well it’s been a little over a year now since the idea of skiing in the Japanese Alps has come into my world. And now here we are at O’Hare in Chicago. We have just finished our airport food court meal. Really airport food is not so bad. In fact, airplane food isn’t that bad either. In fact! the best airplane meal I’ve ever had was leaving Malaysia. Really great rice and curry!

Best part of flying has to be the taking off and landing. Those who really hate flying think that this is the worst part. But for me and Wayne, the moment when you feel the plane actually rise up into the air is the most exhilarating part. You are officially flying and off to somewhere new leaving behind the monotone life we go through every day.

We have all 78 pounds of our skiing gear and clothes and passports in hand. I apologize for not writing in two weeks but I have been preparing! Updates of our adventure to the Japanese Alps are coming soon!

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