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Ski Control!

Today was our first day of skiing up on Happo One in Hakuba, and at times it was quite draining. The altitude didn’t really have any effect on us other than our ears constantly popping, but the exhausting difference in standard of ski runs and basic ski etiquette. We overheard a group of Aussies at a cafe talking about the Japanese not being afraid to run anyone down with their snowboard. Which is totally fine because we’re in their culture so gotta except it right??
I had a fairly rough time keeping up with Wayne and at times we were separated until the bottom of the mountain. But in the end, we found one another and continued to enjoy the beauty of the Alps.image
I am the type of traveler who loves to plan, and research, and plan, and schedule, and plan and plan. I have a tough time when events are out of my control. It makes me genuinely angry that I couldn’t hold on to what I wanted to happen. It’s not that I create schedules of things to do at certain times but ill look up possibilities of things that I’d like to see or happen. We couldn’t go travel to see Mount Fuji, but I made sure I saw it from an observatory in Tokyo. We couldn’t find our Tokyo hotel, yes I cried out of anger, but I had to let my control go and figure out something else.
Up here in the mountains, I didn’t do research on the people or towns very extensively since I knew we would be on the mountain the majority of the time and its great! I WOULD like to see the snow monkeys of the Alps, but we are here to ski. So if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t then it imagedoesn’t. It’s so relaxing and takes a load off my mind! Im not trying to think of the next place to go or how to get there. So as I’ve come to find out, sometimes it ok to let that control down. I still always suggest some research or reading prior to a trip, but try to enjoy that country as you’re in it! Ski if you must ski!!