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Wish for a World Wonder

It’s funny how we form these strange goals for our lives.

To be the first in my family to get a house.
To be the best surgeon in my field.
To gain three Doctorates.
To have 6 kids.
To move to a certain city.

Listening to tour radio at Stonehenge.
Listening to tour radio at Stonehenge.

My goal…as ridiculous as it may seem…is to see all the world wonders. It is possible? Sure. Is it realistic? Maybe not. I don’t have the funds or time at the moment, and I see myself in the near future having a child of my own to be with. I have the Wonders list hanging at my desk in my office. The Wonders of the: Ancient World, Medieval World, Natural World, Modern World, Underwater World, and Forgotten Wonders.

Pizza in Pisa
Mom eating Pizza in Pisa with the Leaning Tower!

Some are going to be a little bit more challenging than others. Palau, for example, will be quite the adventure to get to! It is so important for us to experience these wonders, because who knows how long they will be around to view! I heard a rumor that the Great Barrier

Sydney Ferry Ride
Sydney Opera House, Australia from a Ferry

Reef wont be around in the next ten years! I have to find a way back there. I think it is good to have goals for travel. Not only is it something to look forward but when it is accomplished, it feels like the ultimate battle has been won.

Look them up! See how close you are to one of the world wonders and why not take a spontaneous trip to say that you experienced it! They are everywhere!

Tokyo View
Wayne in Tokyo with Mount Fuji in the Background

I Did Not Fall Off the End of the Earth

The sun rays pierced their way through the glass and onto my closed eyes. I can feel the warmth and the irritation of the light. It is as if a over-excited little brother is jabbing me in the eye trying to wake me up. But I am so tired. My entire body feels heavy…and wet. I am sweating again on the upholstery of the back seat. I am heavy with sleep. Wet. And bothered by too much light. I was so happy in my deep state of sleep, and suddenly I am forced out of it. I just want to curl up and for it to be dark again in the car.

NYC Sunset
Sunset in NYC

I crinkle my nose and squint my eyes open the tiniest bit to see if I can get away from the sunlight. As I do so, my mother pops her head around from the front seat and sees me. “Oh good! We’re here. Are you ready?” I immediately snap my eyes shut again. Maybe she didn’t notice. She did.

The car pulls over and she opens my door to undue my buckle and

Madison, WI
Mom and I ice skating in Madison, Wisconsin

pull me out. I start my whining. I am so annoyed. Nothing could be so special that I could not finish my nap. I don’t care! She pulls me to standing and now I am just bothered, grumpy, and more stubborn. She leads me over the dirt path. There are surprisingly a lot of people around us. My stepdad waves us over to a spot with his camera. As we come into the clear, the world just opens up before us. There is nothing as far as I can see but rock. A huge hole in the Earth of rock and sky. This is it. There is nothing else. It almost looks like the ends of the Earth. I try to look closer and my mother’s grip on my arm tightens so much that my arm turns red. She thinks I will fall in. My stepdad has his camera ready and is adjusting all the knobs and twisting the lens. My mother asks me what I think.

Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher with Mom

“Well its just a big hole in the ground.”

This is my mother’s favorite story of how I first saw the Grand Canyon, and then she adds at the end: “After that we headed to Vegas and Shannon was in total awe of Circus Circus.”

I guess we can’t all love the natural wonders even the Grand Canyon at first sight.